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We help you efficiently achieve your Marketing & PR objectives by providing versatile communication services.

There is no size that fits all. Each client is unique and so are their Marketing & PR needs. That’s why we insist on partnering and authentically communicating with our clients to fully understand them. It is only through nuanced and intimate understanding and effective communication that our tailored Marketing & PR services can achieve our clients’ aspirations.

  • Marketing and/or PR Strategies
  • Marketing Campaigns (Planning & Execution)
  • Media Planning & Booking
  • Public Relations Planning & Execution (Sponsorships, Events, Media Coverage)

As the whole world rapidly shifts towards the virtual realm, the digital footprint of a business has become a major driver for business leads. Effectively navigating an ever evolving and complex digital world has become a necessity for business success.

The LF team excels at simplifying this technical endeavor allowing you to focus on defining your destination and safely sailing through the digital realm all the way to success.

  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Ads (Banners & Video Ads)
  • Instagram Sponsored Ads
  • Snapchat Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Campaign & Verification
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Writing a good press release is a must, but it does not necessarily guarantee publication. Even getting published does not necessarily guarantee you will get noticed. Our skills and valuable networks, connections, and relations with media outlets ensure that your business checks all the right boxes and gets noticed.

  • Developing Bilingual Press Releases, Features, Interviews, etc.
  • Arranging Media Visits and Interviews
  • Ensuring Maximum Coverage and Reach
  • Reporting Ad Value of Coverage

Some businesses expend valuable resources to hold events and some to hold events that create new valuable resources for their businesses. We prefer the latter, and have helped many of our clients innovate through such events by providing them with:

  • Planning & Design
  • Management & Production
  • Grand Openings & Brand Launches
  • Press Conferences
  • Investor Relations Events
  • Conferences & Forums
  • Exhibitions & Roadshows

We don’t just believe in the magical power of social media to open new horizons for your business, we intimately know how it works. We make it work for our clients through:

  • Social Media Strategizing & Planning
  • Account Management
  • Multimedia Content Creation
  • Auditing, Reporting & Monitoring
  • Advertising Campaigns (Planning, Management, and Reporting)

We proudly collaborate with a diverse network of prominent professional photographers. By understanding your photographical and visual needs, we can bring you the right eye for your subject matter and ensure the quality and impact of your images.

  • Food & Beverage Photography
  • Campaign Photography
  • Commercial Photography
  • Medical Photography
  • Corporate Portrait Photography

A brand is not merely how a business presents itself to the market; it is also a representation of how the business identifies itself, its values, and achieves its vision. You can think of LOCAL FLAVOR as a branding partner that works with you to better understand your unique business identity and clearly project it to your market with volume and passion.

  • Building Brand Identity from the Ground Up
  • Auditing & Facelifting Established Brands
  • Establishing Brand Positioning & Messaging
  • Creating Branding Strategies
  • Designing Company Logos, Collaterals, Packaging & Stationery.
  • Formulating Brand Guidelines for Design, Style, and Tone.

Everyone wants to be seen, but who is really worth looking at? Our thoughtful, eclectic yet complementary, creative ideas are brought to life through masterful filmmaking and animation. We give you a gourmet feast for the eyes you can proudly serve to your audience and know with certainty that they are looking at you.

  • TV commercials
  • Animation & Infographics
  • TV Shows
  • Documentaries
  • Creative Writing
  • Corporate Copywriting
  • Slogans
  • Translation

A digital game is an interactive program for one or more players, meant to provide entertainment at the least, and quite possibly more. An adaptation of 'traditional' game systems, with rules, player representation, and environment managed through electronic means. ... A digital game is any game played on a digital device

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