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Below are few of the event production and management of our beloved clients over the years:

Chopard: We had the honor of planning and managing the opening event of the largest Chopard boutique in the world, in Prestige – Avenues Mall, in 2013. The opening was all glitz and glamour, attended by Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard, Amer Al Ansari, Managing Partner of Trafalgar, the Superstar Singer Myriam Faris, and many other VIP personals. Along with the presence of the social media bloggers and influencers; who covered the event on their social media platform. Furthermore, our role included arranging the list of the attendees, and organizing the entertainment segments in the event. Where an upper scale caricaturist and a magician were brought to entertain the attendees. The arrangement also included having models to display some of the exquisite pieces that Chopard has to offer. As well as, putting together a scrumptious catering that is fabulously presented by waiters who were very well-dressed for the occasion.

Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK) – Ya Zain Turathna: “Old is Gold” there is nothing more beautiful and rewarding than an event that cherishes the authenticity of the old beautiful Kuwait. Starting from the invitation to the smallest and tiniest details of the event; utter attention was given. The invitation embodied the old gates of Kuwait and the name of the event “Ya Zain Turathna” was stamped on the mold of the invitation in a vintage manner.

This CBK event was inaugurated by a major opening ceremony, filled with activities and giveaways presented by the talented anchor Salman Al-Nijadah. The opening ceremony was hosted in the Museum of Modern Art, attended by VIP personal.

“Ya Zain Turathna” was more challenging because we had to come up with a design that looks exactly like the old Kuwaiti town including the houses, the streets and the Diwaniya; where men usually gather. Moreover, the design had to be easily dismantled and installed. As it was a 3 day event in 3 different locations (360 Mall, Al-Kout Mall outdoors, and Al-Hamra Luxurious Mall). So we had to come up with a design that has it all; a design that can bear the weather conditions outdoor and indoor, a design that can accommodate the models and guests who will be inside the booth playing and acting their roles, and a design that resembles the old beautiful Kuwait and gives bypassers wonderful nostalgia just by looking at it. Our role also included providing well- experienced models and actors dedicated for each segment in the booth.

Harley Davidson – Kuwait Bike Show 2013 – 2015: We hosted two hip events for the renowned Harley Davidson Kuwait in 2013 and 2015. The 2013 event was held in Marina Mall outdoors and the 2015 one was held in Murouj, both events were prolonged events and included super fun biking activities for all Harley Davidson Fanatics and distribution of gifts and giveaways, followed by delicious memorable dinner.

Kuwait National Fund: An upper scale event that was held under the patronage of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and was attended by dignitaries, ministers, and prominent decision makers. The inaugural forum we organized was held in Sheraton, and it contained a prolonged schedule. Hence, it required intensive effort and extraordinary organization. To live up to the level of attendees and the subjects that were raised in that event.

World Heart Day (WHD) 2014 – 2015: We can think of nothing more satisfying than organizing awareness campaigns. We take it heartily to plan an event for a cause, and what is a better cause than promoting greater conscious towards wellness and well-being. The challenge of the WHD events that we hosted two years in a row is to come with a memorable theme, something eye-catching and can’t be overlooked. Simply because we owe it the client and we owe it to the world, the world is thirsty for originality. Coming up with a creative design for an event is not a talent rather than intuition and impulse. As we at Local Flavor breathe inventiveness and imagination. The theme of both awareness events starts when bystanders glimpse the booth and it continues with the brochure distributed, that we created from scratch, and the journey carry on with the medical and innovative fitness activities we organized. All the elements and segments of the event goes in consistency with the overall theme. We made sure to synchronize all the details of the event, so that it’s all harmonious and it all tells the visitors a complete comprehensive story.

Hamad Show: Being responsible for the production of TV program for 3 months in a row is a proof of the utter dedication and devotion we have towards our beloved clients. In order to make each episode of that TV show a widespread, vivid, and vibrant episode that’s filled with creativity and enthusiasm. During the duration of 3 months we arranged, organized, received and handled the audience of 12 episodes. It is very delightful to elaborate in details regarding our role in organizing such a memorable TV program. However, we would rather for live videos and pictures to speak for itself. In the end a picture can profoundly speak a thousand words.

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